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Behind the pictures

Sébastien Thibault describes the inspirations behind his illustrations in the June issue Read more

The latest news: updated 01 July

NICE urges better care for workers' mental health 

One in three older teens suffers from anxiety 
BACP opposes compulsory therapy for jobless
Survey show rise in long-term mental health sick leave
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Inside latest issue

News focus: When therapy does harm

One in 20 clients say they feel harmed by therapy – but do counsellors recognise this and how do they avoid it? A major new study is producing answers Read more

Working with sex offenders

Andrew Smith highlights an emerging role for private practitioners to work preventively with low-risk sexual offenders Read more

Counselling across cultures

Mané Kumria describes a trip to India and the difference she was able to make in a piece of short-term voluntary counselling work with one women’s group Read more

To hug or not to hug?

Should school counsellor Anthony give little Joshua the hug he so clearly wants? Read more

What's in a label?

Carol Swanson explores the influence of a mental health diagnosis on the therapeutic relationship Read more

Living with a deafened partner

Dick Hill reports the grief and anger of partners of people with acquired hearing loss Read more

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Who holds the power?

‘This raises many questions, particularly about power – both how it is distributed and the ways in which it is used to mould and shape the progress of therapy’ Read more

All win and all should have prizes

‘What concerns me is the often-quoted notion that CBT is the most effective therapy for most conditions and that the NHS has swallowed this wholesale’ Read more

Ethics committees 'stifling research'

‘Of course the safety of participants is paramount, but surely this can be ensured in an environment that is not designed to deter research?’ Read more