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The latest news: updated 25 March

Government guidance backs counselling in all schools

MPs urge review of ESA sanctions
NHS England launches mental health apps library
Budget boosts funding for counselling
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Behind the pictures

Elis Wilk describes the inspirations behind her illustrations for this issue Read more

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What are they looking for?

Why are some young people drawn to extremism? Catherine Jackson explores the ‘push and pull’ factors and programmes that offer positive alternatives Read more

How I became a therapist: Myira Khan

Myira Khan says more Asian people should be choosing counselling as a career and has set up a network to support them Read more

Confidentiality and personal safety

Is Brenda’s new client a violent rapist? Can and should she take him on, given what she’s been told about his past? This month’s Dilemmas explores her options Read more

In pursuit of authenticity

Julia Buckroyd followed the rule book until she gained the wisdom and confidence to be herself in the counselling room Read more

Finding my lost identity

Carleen Robinson's cultural heritage has been a key influence in her counselling training Read more

Counsellor to the rescue

Too often counsellors are unaware of the powerful need to rescue that is driving how they work, writes Nicola Davies Read more

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Help researchers with their studies by participating in research Read more

Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more

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Fifty shades of mild eroticism

‘Would I sit through a sequel just to see this storyline developed? Probably not’ Read more

No healing without justice

‘The tidal wave of disclosures is lapping at the therapist’s door. We need to be better prepared to hear and respond’ Read more

Towards radical social evolutionism

‘Social change won’t happen from our cosy consulting rooms. We need to get out and do more’ Read more