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Behind the pictures

Gary Sawyer describes what inspired his illustrations for the July issue Read more

The latest news: updated 31 July

Depression and euthanasia requests 

Antidepressant prescribing rises six-fold
Social networking link with youth mental health problems
Depression research survey launched
 Read more


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Inside latest issue

Should counsellors work with 'workfare'?

Catherine Jackson reports on moves to place IAPT therapists in Jobcentres and the threat of compulsory CBT for claimants struggling to find work Read more

The limits of neuroscience

The neuroscientific lens can only reinforce biomedical explanations for mental distress, warns Kenneth J Gergen; it cannot supply all the answers Read more

Setting up a co-operative

Justine Gore-Smith describes how she and colleagues set up a thriving counselling co-operative after being made redundant by their local council Read more

Dilemmas: Confidentiality after a client dies

Should counsellors respect a client’s confidentiality after their death? Even if what they know will comfort surviving loved ones? Read more

Self-care in hospice work

Val Humphreys emphasises the importance of good self-care for counsellors when working with death, dying and bereavement Read more

Community conversations

Colin Berry says there is an important role for counsellors in promoting social health with alienated and excluded communities Read more

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Find a supervisor or supervision group in your local area or online Read more


Find a placement in your local area on the placements noticeboard Read more


Help researchers with their studies by participating in research Read more

Networking groups

Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more

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No work, can't work

‘Jobcentres are not neutral settings where therapy – or anything else – can be “freely entered into”; they are places of anxiety, distress and fear’ Read more

In defence of the NHS

‘Without doubt, many parts of the NHS maintain a culture shrouded in negative and contracted attitudes but, thankfully, others are making positive change’ Read more

Circles of support for sex offenders

 ‘There is still a long way to go before society is open to helping reduce the risk to the public by helping offenders reduce their own risk’ Read more