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The latest news: updated 15 January

Labour pledges school-based counselling for all

Manchester University closes counselling course
Counselling organisations join forces against reparative therapy
Unemployed young people 'highly anxious'
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Behind the pictures

Matthew Booker describes the inspirations behind his illustrations for the December issue Read more

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Soul, science and humour

Dr Andrew Reeves, BACP’s new Chair, talks to Colin Feltham about his journey into counselling and the beliefs and values that drive and inspire him Read more

How I became a therapist: Alistair Appleton

TV presenter Alistair Appleton draws on the richness of both traditions in his meditation and psychotherapy practice Read more

Dilemmas: Lying by omission?

You know a colleague has lied about their qualifications but said nothing. Now they want you to support them against a client’s complaint. What do you do? Read more

Problem gamblers and their mothers

Mothers of problem gamblers may need help to break free from their own dependency, says Anne Glynn Read more

Fat stigma in therapy

Naomi Moller challenges counsellors to address unacknowledged fat stigma in the therapy room Read more

Bullying within the counselling profession

Sarah Skarbek reports a LinkedIn discussion about why bullying thrives in counselling Read more noticeboard


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Help students with their studies by participating in their research Read more

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Find a networking group to join in your local area Read more reviews

A short introduction to counselling

Abi Howarth reviews A short introduction to counselling by Sally Aldridge Read more

Queering health

Catherine Jackson reviews Queering health: critical challenges to normative health and healthcare Read more

Cry of pain

Jackie Townsend reviews Cry of pain: understanding suicide and the suicidal mind by Mark Williams Read more