Alternatives to Couples Therapy that May Save Your Relationship

Do you feel like seeing a therapist for your relationship isn’t your best suit? Is your relationship facing challenges, but you don’t feel like meeting a counselor? Yes, it’s best that you acknowledge the fact that every relationship isn’t perfect, and each person has his/her personality. So, these differences may at times bring problems in a relationship, but here are some alternatives you could browse through and try out to help you strengthen your relationship.

4 Alternatives to Couples Therapy

Breaking Communication Barriers

The most logical step you could try out is making time for you and your partner to communicate. You could try making out a schedule that fits you and your partner’s availability. Schedule out time for you and your partner to talk about each other, or a random topic (avoid stonewalling your partner if you want things to work). Something that both of you can talk about and bring out meaningful comments or thoughts would be ideal. Remove any sort of distractions that could interrupt the both of you, such as phones of other electronics. Choose a comfortable place where you both can open up to each other, and listen to each other as you both express yourself with freedom and an open mind.

Hangouts and Date Nights

Nothing beats spending quality time together as a couple. Scheduling out time to go for date nights, dinner or have fun with your partner will strengthen your relationship. Make out time for each other by regularly going out, picking an activity for the day or simply going out to eat at a restaurant and have fun. These are all the essential things that will give your relationship that spark it needs. Don’t forget to avoid every sort of possible distraction during this, like; office work, cell phone on airplane mode or do not disturb.

The Right Attitude to Turn Things Around

Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes and see situations from their point of view; this way you can change how you reason with and view them overall. Also, you need to remember that the little things matter in a relationship, so you should try showing appreciation for your partner – even in small ways. You can make it habitual to say thank you whenever your partner does something or goes out of their way for you. Taking a quiz together such as Love Languages will help you both understand how you each view and value various types of behavior and communication in a loving relationship.

Make Time for Intimacy

There’s more love and communication in a relationship whenever the intimacy level is high (but not always). Consider both of your feelings  when it comes to intimacy; don’t hold out, this will help your relationship grow. If the intimacy between a couple is suffering, the bond between them may also be affected.

These are just a few alternatives to couples therapy. We wish you a happy and healthy relationship!