Best Children Therapy Books

Children are lively youngsters who like to have fun with their friends. But like adults, these human beings have their good times and bad times. Thus, they may experience certain things in life that will influence the way they act, feel, learn, and play with their peers. When this happens, it is your duty as a parent or caregiver to go out and get help for your child. Although getting help, for most people, implies therapy – that is not always the case.

Help can come in different ways, depending on the gravity of the situation. It can come as a piece of advice from a respected mentor/role model, as a nutritional supplement or a medication,or as a helpful idea from children therapy books. 

But whichever way it comes, getting help for your child can go a long way to help him or her live a better and more prosperous life. Here are some children therapy books that we believe may help address character and emotional problems in children and teens. 

4 Recommended Children Therapy Books

I Can’t Sit Still! Living with ADHD

Illustrated by Marta Fabrega, this picture book gives a detailed account of how a young boy (Lucas) who was diagnosed with ADHD improved his physical and mental capacity by adhering to his doctor’s instructions. The book was written by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso in kid-friendly terms, and they went further to provide a parent’s guide at the end of the book. The book is best for children below the age of 5 years.

Don’t Feed the WorryBug

“Don’t Feed the WorryBug” is one of Andi Green’s most impressive creations. In this imaginative book, a creature, named Wince (monster of worries), learned that the more he worries, the bigger the Worrybug (which represents his worries) grows. The book gives a great depiction of how your worries become overwhelming when you don’t take care of it. It makes for a great read for kids. 


“Chrysanthemum” is a must-read for children who are constantly teased by their peers at home or school. This book is very helpful in guiding children to understand how fleeting teasing can be. The book talks about how Chrysanthemum, a child who shares a name with a flower, is constantly picked on by her peers. However, when her peers discovered that a teacher shared the same name as the plant, her name becomes the new cool in their school. 

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

“In My Heart: A Book of Feelings,” is just as its name implies, a book that talks about the different feelings of the heart. This book provides an engaging way to understand the different feelings in your heart – from happiness, to fear, bravery, and even down to sorrow. It is a must-read for children between the age of 3 and 6 years.

While there is no doubt that these children therapy books can help alleviate a range of mental and emotional problems in kids, it isn’t therapy. If your child’s condition worsens after reading these books, please take your child to see a licensed mental health professional. In addition, you can help support your child’s overall health with regular exercise, well-balanced nutrition, and natural supplements like SuppysChildren’s Chewable Probiotic and Megafood’s Kids Multivitamin Soft Chews Grape.