Dangers of Social Media Addiction

An everyday ritual of checking and flipping through several social media channels is slowly becoming an activity that has proven to do more harm than good to the society we live in. This is because even though there is no registered illness that comes with social media, the heavy addiction to it by certain members of the society is becoming a huge cause for alarm. In this article, we shall see some of the dangers of social media addiction.

Social Media Addiction – What Does it Mean?

When we talk about social media addiction, we refer to the excessive time wastage that occurs as a result of the moments spent on these sites. From observations, the amount of time consumed on social media can cause one to neglect other parts of their life. The dangers of social media addiction include:

1. Depression

A lot of the time, we human beings feel the need to engage in physical conversations with people. This helps to keep the brain in check. As a matter of fact, having an eye to eye conversation with another human being allows you to remain positive, explore your other, and improve your mood especially if it’s with someone that’s really looking out for you.

2. Fear of Missing Out

A common thing that springs up always in the mind when using social media at times is the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Activities that cause you to have FOMO are commonly found on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. That’s because a lot of glamour exists on them, and it might cause one to start feeling like their own lives aren’t much fun.

3. Bad EyeSight

The eye is the most important part of the body. However, what happens if this importance of the body gets into trouble? It’s evident that the constant use of social media can lead to bad eyesight. That’s as a result of the amount of time spent behind the harmful light that pops from your gadget’s screen.

4. No Real Relationship

We are all aware that the friendships that come from social are oftentimes not real. As soon as you log out, you tend to feel lonely with no tangible person to cling onto or call a friend. There should always be a balance between social media and real life. The point is, learn to strike a balance.


Every day on social media, a good number of people get bullied, and offensive comments are being passed. One of the places where this is common is Twitter. We watch people pass on rumors, lies, and assumptions that can conveniently jeopardize another person’s image. If care isn’t taken, one can develop emotional hurt from there, and this might lead to psychological complications.

The truth is, many people use social media every day, and they haven’t gotten problems. But if you’re addicted to social media and you’re looking for a way to stop, setting certain boundaries and reducing your phone’s screen time will help you get the help you need.