How Does EMDR Therapy Work?

Well, hello there. Today I’ll be talking about the wonderful ways EMDR works. I’ll not be wasting time. I’ll give you the information you came to search for. So let’s go. 

In what ways does the EMDR therapy work?

The EMDR therapy is broken into about eight different phases. Therefore, you need to attend a variety of sessions. This treatment takes about twelve separate sessions. 

Let us list out these sessions for you in phases. 

The First Phase 

This is the phase of Treatment Planning and getting to know your medical history. 

For this phase, your therapist would review your medical history and decide your location on the process of treatment. This phase for evaluation includes conversing and talking about all the things that bother you, including all post-traumatic experiences and knowing memories you have from the trauma they need to treat specifically. 

The Second Phase 

This is the phrase of Preparation. 

Here your therapist would help you learn various ways you could cope with psychological and emotional stress. This would handle all forms of stress that come from the past, which you’re suffering from at the moment. 

These stress management techniques include mindfulness and breathing. 

The Third Phase 

This is the Assessment Phase

This phase would have your therapist knowing which particular memories would be targeted specifically and all components like physical sensations, which are stimulated whenever you think or meditate on a specific event. This would target each memory one after the other. 

The Fourth to Seventh Phase 

This is the treatment phase. 

Your therapist would make use of EMDR therapy to treat the memories that have been mentioned specifically. These sessions would have your therapist ask you questions like focusing on a negative image, memory, or thought. 

Your therapist would have you do a variety of eye movements. For example, the stimulation could include different taps and other movements. The taps and other movements all depend on your specific case. 

After your stimulation bilaterally, your therapist would tell you to have a blank mind and notice the feelings that come on your own. Then, after you tell your therapist these thoughts, your therapist could tell you to intentionally focus on that memory that gives you trauma or move to the next. 

If you end up being distressed, your therapist will aid in bringing you back to now before moving on to the next memory of trauma. Over time, with this therapy, these memories, images, and specific thoughts start to fade and flow away into time. 

The Eighth and Last Phase 

This last phase would need you to evaluate your progress after all your sessions of therapy. Your therapist would be needed to do the same thing. 

My thoughts on How Does EMDR Therapy Work?

I like the format, and I love how these therapy sessions work. So I would try them out on myself. Because trust me, we all have a lot of things that we can’t talk about publicly. So I feel this does a lot of help to people that make use of it.