How is Behavior Therapy Different than Psychoanalysis?

Like all different various therapy forms, psychoanalysis and therapy for behavior both share the goals of reducing symptoms psychologically and improving the quality of life of the patient. How successful both of these would get determined by how strong the therapist and the client are. Also, the methods that are used. There are some very serious differences between psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. 

The period for some great treatment differs seriously between psychoanalysis and behavior therapy. Patients that are in psychoanalysis most times see their analysts two or more periods a week for several years. These behavior therapies occur faster and they are brief too. 

Belief System

Professionals that treat people that need behavior therapy feel that the things that trigger someone’s mental instability or their emotional problems include the ideas and thoughts that they have a problem or not. They aren’t focused on the experience someone has. 

Psychoanalysts have experienced several different opinions. They feel that repressed emotions from the unconscious mind have aided in triggering relapse in their mental health. If one wants to engage in a lasting solution to getting broken down emotionally or becoming unstable mentally, one would need to bring their unconscious mind to see how things are happening. 


A Psychoanalyst looks at things differently on things like solving the problem of a client than ways a behaviorist would. These psychoanalytic sessions are led largely by the train of thought of the patient. Analysts could speak using small methods. They could also take notes when the patient frees other associates. The essence of all of this is for the patients to have full access to thoughts that are repressed. These things include memories, feelings, and thoughts which have been repressed. 

A Psychoanalyst uses an approach that’s not the same as a behaviorist. These psychoanalytic sessions are led by the train of thought. Analysts could speak very small and take small notes as the patient free associates. The goal here is for the patient to enjoy their memories, feelings, and thoughts for them to release associated pain. These behaviorists are truly concerned with things that can get quantified, measured and they carefully direct therapy sessions to meet these specific goals. 

In the end, psychotherapy is available to help people grow and change. These are also to ease symptoms of situations like depression and anxiety. To select the best form of therapy, one would need to consider which is properly-suited for their challenges and goals. 

Oh well, in the end, if you are someone going through something, you need to know the right medical health care professional that would tend to your problems or your needs. Without this, everything would just be sad and horrible and the problems which stress your mind would do nothing but increase and make you feel worse as time passes. So whatever bugs you, if you need space or if you want to talk to a professional, you should get the best or right person which would help you very well.