How Survival Skills Shaped You since Childhood

Whether or not we like to admit it, knowledge shapes us. It determines how we turn out to be and even the unconscious decisions we make that lead us toward the different forks in our life’s journey. One such knowledge is survival skills. Survival skills have been described by some as the several techniques that we use to keep alive in different natural and even man-made environments. Survival skills aim to endow us with the requisite knowledge of the key essentials to life such as shelter, food, and water, and how to attain them. Survival skills also help us keep away and or safe from danger. Given that the basic human needs of food, water, and shelter have not changed, survival skills are major knowledge of survival that has been passed down from one generation of human society to the next, albeit refined by each generation to suit its peculiar circumstances. This article discusses How Survival Skills Shaped You since Childhood.

Survival Skill 1: Obtaining water

The need for water is ingrained in every human. And good too as we can’t live long without it! Water aids digestion keeps our skin fresh and quenches thirst. More than 60% of the human adult body is made up of water. Obtaining this life-sustaining liquid has shaped you since childhood. How so? Do you find yourself ensuring that you have water at home at all times and feel a certain feeling of unease when you can get some? You’re not alone. Many people have panic attacks in the middle of the night when they wake up thirsty but are unable to find portable drinking water. Even modern science advocates for regular consumption of water as a way to prevent and manage several health challenges such as kidney stones, diabetes, and kidney problem. No wonder then that one philosopher famously declared that “water is life!”

Survival Skill 2: Obtaining food

The first sign of a healthy baby is its shrieking cries at what point the doctor usually directs that it be taken to its mother to suckle. The point is that even from birth, we have always yearned for food. Obtaining food is a survival skill that has shaped us since childhood. It usually informs our need for a job to help us afford food. For others, this survival skill has led them to pursue careers in the food industry.

Survival Skill 3: Obtaining Shelter

We all need a place to lay our heads at night. Even the early men sought out crevices in rocks as shelter from the elements. With advances in technology, we now seek out more comfortable and choice structures to call home. But make no bones about it, obtaining shelter is one survival skill that has shaped you since childhood. How? Do you find yourself putting on a cardigan, sweater, or coat when it gets cold? Or, do you seek to be under a roof when it pours? Do you run from danger? If you answered any of the above in the affirmative, that’s How Survival Skills Shaped You since Childhood. Survival Skills have saved your life more times than you can recount.