How to Deal with Anger Regarding Politics and Society

“We all know when anger is used positively, it could be a tool for positive change, a role of hostility and necessary rage in politics.” This is the only thing from the material I wanted to write this piece from that made any sense.

Well for this piece I’ll be talking about different ways to deal with anger. Not just about politics but also society. This implies I’ll be talking about how to deal with anger from friends, siblings, annoying politicians, ministers that are not doing their jobs well, corrupt people, and all of that.

How to Manage Anger from Politics

What are you angry at? This is the first question you need to ask yourself whenever you’re angry or annoyed at politicians. Like what is making you angry, unhappy, or making you feel like you want to see heads rolling on the floor? You need to think about this before you start reacting and acting towards your anger. Remember. You have no right to react however you like when you are angry. I know people that when they are angry over very little things they start insulting people around them and become violent towards other people around too. This isn’t healthy, safe or even a good habit one should have. This is where the question of what are you angry at? Comes along. If you know the exact thing you’re angry at, you’re going to know how you can direct all your energy towards the specific thing person or human that is bothering them. So if you are angry about a particular politician or about the way the political system is being run. You can settle, look for people that have these same feelings as you, and then you all can express yourselves to each other. This way the anger dies down and full expression get to take place. They are politicians, you cannot see them voice your anger at them. So there is no point stressing the people that do not want your emotional anger to disrupt their lives.

How to Manage Anger from the Society

This too you can handle it the same way you handled anger with politics. But in this case, you need to calm down. It is not every time or in every case that you go fighting out of anger or annoyance at someone in your society simply because you can see them and you know yes you are stronger than this person and if you want to hurt them you can do this and nothing bad would happen. You need to get these thoughts out of your mind. Do you know why? These thoughts would not help you in any way. They are sad derogatory thoughts. Instead, get the person in the society that you are angry at and have a conversation with them. Make them know why you are unhappy with them and make them understand. This way you become excited and your anger shall fade away.