How to Deal with Depression After Prostate Surgery

Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer, which millions of men suffer from. One of the most effective ways of treating prostate cancer is by surgery, which often involves removing the prostate gland. Being diagnosed with any form of cancer is devastating news to the patient and their loved ones. Upon this diagnosis, the patient is faced with several life-altering questions, a lot of doctor visits, medications, possible prostate surgery, and even depression.

What Happens After Prostate Surgery?

After the removal of the gland, the possibility of depression after prostate surgery is very high. This is often due to the effects that prostate surgery can have on the patient and his sexual function. Because of these effects, which can include full impotence, many men suffering from prostate cancer don’t go for the surgery. 

Facing the reality of after the surgery can throw the patient into severe depression. Studies have shown how depression after prostate surgery can reduce the lifespan of the patient after the surgery. Dealing with the depression that usually accompanies prostate surgery is the right step in helping the patient recover. This recovery is not isolated to the patient but also to the loved ones, especially the wife or partner of the patient.

Even with the prospect of being cured after prostate surgery, the effects of the surgery can take a toll on a man. These effects are both physical and mental, there are treatments that the man must undergo for extended periods such as ADT which means Androgen Deprivation Therapy, which can drain the man and leave him unenergetic. The removal of the prostate gland during surgery can leave the man with erectile dysfunction.

The process of recovery is often difficult because the possibility of returning to how things were before the surgery is highly implausible. This can be stressful for everyone involved, it can lead to neglect of others that makes life wholesome even for the wives of the men. It can lead to social isolation because of stress. Health is both physical and mental so if any of these aspects suffer the entire person suffers. This is why it is absolutely necessary to find ways of dealing with the depression that often follows prostate surgery.

How to Deal with Depression after Prostate Surgery

Below are some of the ways to deal with depression after prostate surgery.

1.     Building a support system of loved ones and friends: It is often hard to go through tough times alone, going through these times alone can increase the likelihood of failure and extend the problem. Although it might be hard to share your problems with people it helps to have a committee of people you trust that you can lean on for support. Even if you don’t share the details of your pain simply having them around can be a world of help. In fact, simply knowing you have a support system can help you handle those tough and dark moments.

2.     Talk to Someone: Even if you don’t have a loved one you can talk to, there are lines and platforms you can talk to people anonymously and air out the hurt and pain you feel. Bottling everything within eventually leads to a meltdown that is often very bad. No matter how lonely or alone you feel when going through post prostate surgery depression, it is important to know that you can always find someone to talk to. Talk therapy may also help.

3.     Find a Community: There are communities of people going through depression after prostate surgery. You can meet your primary health care provider to direct you on how to get in touch with a supportive community. This can help in ways that cannot be described, reaching out to and socializing with people that are going through what you are going through or have gone through what you have gone through is an almost divine antidote to depression.

4.     Support Your Health: Be sure to eat healthy, nutritious foods and take prostate health support supplements to maintain your overall well-being. To start, try Nutri-Dyn’s Prostate Support or DesBio’s Prostate.

Depression can be a killer and these ways can help you handle depression after prostate surgery.