How to Know You Should Fire Your Therapist

Some people may believe they aren’t getting a good amount of value from their therapist. They may think that their therapeutic sessions do not work and there’s no need to continue the process. Plus, therapy can be expensive., so wasting money on sessions that aren’t helping you is pointless

The case may be that you are not talking to a therapist that’s properly trained to take care of your particular situation, or that your therapist just isn’t a good fit for you. So here’s how to know that it’s time to fire your therapist.

1. They aren’t very good at listening

A therapist should listen to their client and gain their trust, but when this becomes a norm, your therapist may just be spewing their opinions or “solutions” at you, rather than allowing you to express and understand your feelings and behavior at a deeper level. If your therapist is like this, then it’s time to lay them off.

2. If they keep opening up on their personal lives

Now, sometimes this serves as a key means of strengthening the bond between patients and therapists. But, it may get to the point where it gets boring or inappropriate. The thing is, as a patient, you are interested in getting your problems solved.

Listening to stories about your therapist may spur your own feelings of self-doubt. It’s unethical for a therapist to assume the position of a personal storyteller. Don’t ask your therapist about their life, and if they do too much of that on their own, then this may be the best time to leave them alone.

3.  You don’t enjoy work with them

Usually, your therapist should be somebody you love to talk to. You get to open up more when you love talking to a particular person and that should apply in this case. Notice that if you don’t like working with them, each session you hold with them will not be very pleasant.

4. They exhibit nonchalance to your troubles

Some people who claim to be therapists actually do not care about what you are going through. They are just all about the money and can easily forget you and your problems the moment you leave their office, while hoping that they can still get some money from you.

Your mental health is essential. Protect it by choosing the right therapist and getting the proper nutrition for your unique body and mind.

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Good luck on your health journey!