How to Survive a Depression

Depression is a very huge problem these days, some are thinking how can I deal with this depression and how can I survive. And here are some tips on coping with depression.

1. Realize that depression is not a form of a major problem.

Most people feel afraid of what people will think about them if they start seeking help because of the stigma that is always looked on people that are depressed but nowadays regular and even famous people have started speaking up about their depression and how they seek help and the treatment they are going through.

2. Do not be quiet.

Instead of holding it in, try to talk to someone you trust, like your spouse, friend, family member, best friend, or a health care professional. Also, try to get involved in a group that will support you whether they meet directly or through online meetings so that you have someone that cares for you all the time. But also be careful with what you share with others concerning your mental health when some casual people you knew.

3. Do a list.

Make a friendly list of the little things that bring you joy, that will make you look at the list and smile. So that when depression kicks in, you will be able to get up and see some little important things in your life. It can be a very funny video, a description of a person you love, beautiful family photos, a relaxing playlist of your favorite music, or a good quote that start you up for the day.

4. Let your senses be open.

Be alert of your environment, this way you will be able to presently be in the moment instead of daydreaming. This is when you are aware of all sense of your wellbeing and it can also be called mindfulness. This deals with a huge amount of hard work and sometimes it needs to be learned. Some examples of mindfulness are focusing your feelings on the music you are listening to or the beautiful taste of food.

5. Engage in fun activities or relaxing moments.

Try things that will bring you peace and joy like painting, video games, listening to inspiring music, visit places, or have a staycation. This all depends on your wellbeing, there is always a good feeling after you do something fun or relaxing.

6. Spend more time outside.

Spending time outside makes you more aware of your mood. It elevates your mood and makes your emotions improve. Do like early morning jogs or walk that will allow you to think more clearly and observe the good in life and make you get a daily dose of vitamins D.

7. Make a purposeful schedule.

Occupy your day with meaningful activities that you will look forward to, do things that will take your mind away from negative thoughts and emotions. Try getting involved in a class or lessons that will help you and others. Be diligent in your schedule and ensure you keep up with them. This will get you motivated throughout the day