Mindfulness-based Art Therapy Benefits.

A perfect method of dealing with depression and anxiety is the use of mindful art therapy. It helps in making a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. It has been a great tool for psychology. And a study shows that this method is so much better than using medicine and shown to be more durable than drugs and this is the reason why a lot of psychiatrists and psychotherapists started using this method and have shown good results over the period.

But first of all, what is mindfulness-based art therapy.

I will start by defining mindfulness, this is the act of putting your focus on your emotions, feelings, and mood. And then art therapy is the way that using arts as a form of psychotherapy. And mindfulness-based art therapy is the way of joining the mindfulness meditation of wellbeing and art therapy as a therapeutic remedy. By using art to dig deeper into oneself with the state of mindfulness.

There are different ways of mindfulness-based art therapy in terms of showing your emotions to those you care about and also yourself, like making a drawing of yourself, fully study the art showcase, emotions with your drawings, try exploring your emotions, and mindfully reflecting on the before and after emotions.

What are the benefits of mindfulness-based art therapy?

There are a lot of benefits or advantages that come with mindfulness-based art therapy.

It is known to be the treatment for different kinds of psychological disorders like depression, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, drug abuse or addiction, anger issues, and so much more disorders.

Not only that it is used for psychological issues but also physical diseases like hypertension and some different kinds of cancer.

Mindfulness-based art therapy even helps in improving psychological wellbeing like understanding the scene of life, improve the state of concentration, help one to focus better, increase the growth of grey matter in the brain, increase the level of cognitive of problem-solving, make you want to trust yourself more, make you want to accept yourself more, developing yourself every day.

You will be more aware of your emotional state, give you the ability to see and solve issues, practice more self-control, it will make you more attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and moods.

It makes us explore our potential in the scene of art-making and find out the diversity of ways portraying in your style.

It is very easy to practice than making time for psychotherapy appointments, it can be easily done in the comfort of your homes.

It can also be used for children that are facing some psychological issues or a physical medical condition. Which will make them improve in themselves.

It also helps in the life of the elderly – that is this therapy makes the elderly prepare for the afterlife to find peace, faith, and increase the state of spiritual aspects just before the time of kicking the bucket.

It can be of very good assistance for the psychiatrist to easily assess their patients to easily and diagnose their problems faster which will make quicker for treatment.