Positive Things That Happened In 2020 Despite Covid-19

Earlier this year when the news about the coronavirus broke out, a lot of us became tense hence went under panic attacks. It was hard to survive the tension within the first few weeks as the government of several states and nations imposed lockdown. As we all know, this brought a sort of boredom, regret, pain, and more panic as people strived to “stay safe.”

It’s worthy to note that despite everything that happened a few months back, people were able to pick up the pieces they left off and geared towards a better future. We are a few days away from 2021, so I thought it wouldn’t be a totally bad idea to take out some time and recount some of the positive things that happened this year despite all that’s happened. Let’s go!

1. Selflessness of health workers

It seems as though the world never experienced a pandemic because everyone has quickly moved on. The truth is, the pandemic is very much existing. The difference is that we have selfless health workers, recognized by TIME magazine as the Guardians of 2020, who have been on the frontlines helping us attend to the people who tested positive for the coronavirus.

2. Daily wellness playlist by Spotify

Spotify announced the launch of its playlist on the 27th of April, 2020. The playlist was a personalized one which they made sure to update twice every day (morning and evening). The songs had their focus placed on inspiration and mind lifting. This is some good news as you start and end your day with something that’d help keep your hopes alive.

Other than music, you can also find positive videos on YouTube by watching the Some Good News channel.

3. The stopping of the wildfires in Australia

This should be the first time for me experiencing togetherness among the different countries of the world. The Australian wildfire that occurred in January and left about 18 million acres destroyed thereby incurring lots of damage, had support from different countries. The support and contributions were massive.

4. Beyonce X Ivy Park X Adidas

Who would have thought that there would be an opportunity to welcome something new from the “Queen Bee”? A few months back, Beyonce’s Ivy Park teamed up with one of the world’s largest fitness brands, Adidas, and released some beautiful items of clothing. What’s more, people couldn’t contain their joy as the clothes were sold out quickly! It also served as a cue to others as many other people began to laugh at clothing lines that were inspired by this single move.

5. D-Nice did his thing

If you were actively involved during the year of the pandemic, you’d understand why it was an absolute necessity to shift focus and unwind a little. We had D-Nice run behind the DJ wheel and spun his best! The internet party became one of the hottest as a lot of celebrities and politicians alike such as Joe Biden, Mariah Carey, Michelle Obama, and more became regular attendees.

We are so thankful that despite the COVID-19 saga, people came out strong and didn’t allow the ugly weights of the pandemic to pull them down.