Sadness is a Feeling. Happiness is an Emotion. What’s the Difference Between a Feeling and an Emotion?

At times a lot of people think feelings and emotions are the same things, and although they are quite related, there is a huge difference between feelings and emotions. They have different ways of serving you.

You need to know the difference, because how you behave in the world is as a result of the mixture of your emotions and your feelings. Like it is said, sadness is a feeling, while happiness is an emotion. Feelings show you who you truly are, while emotions show you how you have learned how to respond to events all through your life.

Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

Emotions come from objects, because they invoke and sometimes cause them. When you see something you do not know, you could experience fear or be curious.

This is how emotions get attached to all objects in the world. When you give something a name, it becomes a thing with meaning. Our emotions could be as simple as likes or dislikes. Nothing we know or see is ever meaningless.

Emotions refer to reactions physically that we generate in our minds, like how we jerk our bodies when we’re scared for example. The mind can also create emotions that change how our bodies react to things.

Imagine your loved one needs help. Your mind would automatically want to help in any way you can. Emotions help with your attitude in the real world and pushing your drive to the things you enjoy.

Feelings, on the other hand, refer to the collection of emotions and their accumulation, especially when a lot of events happen repeatedly. Normally, they would combine and form a conclusion about how you should live your life and how to survive mentally and physically in our chaotic world. When these happen, emotions serve as a factory of feelings.

For example, your baby brother is going to an electrical socket and is holding a metallic object. Your feelings of love would hurriedly generate an emotion of fear, as you rush to take him away from the socket. If he tries to go there again, you would scream “No!” and swat his hand away from the socket. This feeling of love you have for your brother has brought about the emotion of anger because of how you’re attempting to prevent him from being electrocuted.

The beliefs you have of the world subconsciously and your view morally come from your authentic self. These are responsible for the formation of your identity. These include your intuition, gut instincts, inner compass, self-love, and everything in between.

Sadness is a feeling, which implies how some people are innately sad, and that has become who they are. On the other hand, happiness is an emotion, like when something happens and you become or feel the emotion of happiness. You jump around in joy with whatever the situation is. There is a difference between feelings and emotions. How do you feel about that?