Self-Esteem vs Self-Worth: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that self-worth and self-esteem are two different things? There are actually great differences when it comes to self-esteem vs self-worth that may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more!

Self Esteem vs Self Worth: The Basics

The fact that self-esteem vs self-worth have been used interchangeably doesn’t mean that they are exactly the same thing. There are those that spend their time improving their self-esteem, while there are those that want to heighten their self-worth.

Not minding that there may be some disparities between both, it is important that you have both, as they go hand in hand.

Self-Esteem: What Is It?

The way that you evaluate yourself is called self-esteem. This is how you see yourself from your internal point of view. Here, you look at your attributes and qualities and rate yourself. You should know that you have the right level of self-esteem if you feel and think about yourself in a great and honest manner.

The way that you can grow healthy self-esteem is by getting evidence that shows what kind of person you are.

The way that there is healthy self-esteem is the same way that there is unhealthy self-esteem. When you think you are superior to others, you have an unhealthy level of self-esteem. This is the case with someone who possesses narcissism. When someone is a narcissist, he or she increases their self-esteem too much. They bloat their positive aspects, making them seem outrageous. They feel that they have no weakness or fault. They believe that whatever their opinion is, it is more important than what others feel. To them, they are always right, while the world is wrong. Narcissistic personalities are very dangerous in society.

If you possess low self-esteem, you behave like the opposite of a narcissist. You underestimate everything about you, especially your positive traits, and increase your faults and weaknesses. When others compliment you, you feel that the compliments are lies, holding no semblance of truth. This kind of low self-esteem may eventually lead to depression.

What is Self-Worth?

When you have self-worth, you feel that you are both valuable and liveable, not minding what internal traits that you may have.

Sometimes, a person’s self-esteem may crash land, but they still feel that they possess some innate worth. It is necessary that you have self-worth.

The thought of self-worth comes from the fact that you think you can do some good, not minding if you are successful in your career or not.

Sometimes, the feeling of self-worth comes from your needs. You may feel that you desire to have self peace, and so on. This goes a long way to improve your self-worth. 

Let’s do an internal feelings check. How’s your self-esteem vs self-worth doing today?