The Mental Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

The benefits of music are virtually countless, music benefits mood, the senses, even the brain. There are different genres of music and it has been discovered that they can have different effects on the mind. Music like Jazz that features the use of vintage guitars can have a tremendous positive impact on the mental health of people. We already know that listening to music can have tremendous benefits to the mental health of people, but what about the mental health benefits of playing an instrument? This is what we are going to explore in this article. 

Mental Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument 

A musical instrument holds power beyond just creating music, it is a way to boost memory, cognition, and mental health. In the process of doing this learning, an instrument can increase your self-confidence, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and increase your brain capacity.

No matter your age you can start learning how to play an instrument such as the guitar, piano, drum, ukulele, or any other instrument. The benefits you get from playing them would still be present even if you are a beginner.

Below we are going to explore some mental health benefits of playing an instrument, there are:

Self Esteem Boost

Gaining mastery of some like an instrument or even learning how to do the most basic things with an instrument can make a world of difference in how a person views themselves, that can make them feel better, act better, feel like they have achieved something and they are capable of doing more. This can drastically shape the way they esteem themselves.

Imagine putting some time, energy, and resources into learning an instrument then you finally know how to play a tune or sheet of music you would get a jolt of excitement and accomplishment which is great for self-esteem. No matter the number of your audience or if you are alone you are sure to feel great about your progress. Just try not to be hard on yourself and celebrate your progress as you go along.

Improvement of Cognitive Ability

Playing an instrument is a cognitive demanding skill, the more you play it, the more aspects of your cognitive ability relating to playing an instrument improves. It has been proven that art and music can help people with brain injury and disease cope and form new neural pathways that can compensate for the damage done to the brain, thereby improving the mental health of such a person. Music can adjust the wiring of the brain and make you use parts of your brain you would not ordinarily use. You get to engage higher functions of your brain involved in the understanding and creation of music that is ordinarily complex. All these have great benefits for your mental health. 

Reduction of Anxiety and Stress

One of the most prominent importance of music is its ability to help you relax. Anxiety and stress are the opposite of relaxing and creating music or playing an instrument are great for relaxing. Stress and anxiety are very detrimental to a person’s mental health so anything that helps reduce stress and anxiety is invariably beneficial to mental health. You would feel refreshed, calm, and relaxed after playing an instrument like a guitar or piano.


Musical instruments help people Express themselves better, there are somethings that you cannot put into words but the melodies of an instrument would give you a form of expression that is almost superhuman. 

Get an instrument today, play it, and reap tremendous mental benefits.