Nature as Therapy: How Walking on Beaches and in Forests Can Soothe the Soul

It is no longer news that walking on beaches or even in forests can leave you happy and satisfied. Many medical practitioners are of the opinion that spending time in nature can go a long way to help people unwind and reduce symptoms of stress or depression.

It has been noted that many people suffer from nature-deficit disorder. This is not a problem with the brain like other brain disorders, but it is the fact that human beings have lost the needed connection or link to where they live. 

When you are close to nature, you tend to notice great improvements spiritually, mentally, and physically. It ensures that you feel better both inside and outside. This feeling has been stripped from a lot of us because of the onset of social media and urbanization. Some people with busy city-based lives may see the act of walking on beaches, through the woods, and other nature places as a waste of time.

However, there are numerous benefits to someone who stays close to nature. We will examine them below.

4 Reasons Walking on Beaches is Therapeutic

It gives us health benefits.

Studies have shown that staying outside and embracing nature can go a long way to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. This ensures that our immune system is stronger while fighting issues related to stress, such as hypertension or depression.

When it comes to walking on beaches specifically, there are additional potential health benefits of the fresh sea air (oxygen helps the brain work properly), walking (exercise pumps blood so the body functions better), the warm rays of the sun (providing us with essential vitamin D), and the sand under our feet (which naturally exfoliates our skin).

It heightens focus and attention.

Do you know that something as little as a nature walk can go a long way to give you the focus that you crave for? Yes, you read that right.

Taking a walk through nature can heighten performance in different aspects of your life. Before you know it, your concentration increases rapidly. Relaxing in nature can prevent mood disorders to an extent as well.

Research has gone on to show that taking walks on beaches, through forests, and so on can help to prevent chronic illnesses; however, more research is needed. 

It improves the functioning of your memory, as well as emotional regulation.

It has been noticed that those who take nature walks are known to do well when they are given a memory test. The brain tends to unwind when it is in nature. You could improve your memory by taking a simple walk.

It improves mood.

Research has shown that most people suffering from depression tend to have their mood improved when they take nature walks. They feel encouraged, and their chances of recovering and healing from an illness increase.

Research has shown that there is a link between those that take nature walks with lower BMI. Do you know that those who exercise outdoors also have a lower probability of being obese or having similar conditions?

Nature is amazing. Get out there and enjoy it while you can.