What Does True Love Feel Like Physically?

You can’t find true love immediately no matter who you are, no matter the amount of money you have or the amount of time you have known your partner. True love does not only take work, it takes a lot of construction. Your romantic relationship begins with a wonderful foundation of respect, attraction, and an emotional spark for each other. Without these foundations, you are not on the path of a true love story.

As you continue, you add floors, windows, walls, and paint. True love feels like a proper building that would contain all parties involved, and you would feel like it is a place where your physical and material needs would be met in peace.

At times people mistake true love as the feelings of butterflies in your belly. That feeling signals the first attraction you’ve got for a person. These feelings are quite fun and titillating. The feelings of anxiousness you get when you meet a new crush for the first time, you could think you’re falling in love.

You could simply be fast falling, you are both not in true love yet. This is simply an infatuation that would lead to true love certainly. True love occurs if both of you are happily willing to build something together. If your relationship stops at an infatuation and that’s the end, though you’ve got real feelings, it would not stand as true love sadly.

What True Love Feels Like

You want to know what true love feels like, check this list below.

1.     You’ll get a feeling of safety

True love in no way possible can exist without safety. A relationship that makes you feel unsafe and in a scary place either physically or emotionally, cannot be true love. True love means your needs are met by your partner. For you to achieve this, true love begins with a wonderful union with yourself first of all. You need to determine your needs and all you desire to feel secure, you need to know how to Ask for it and how to know if these needs of yours are not being received.

2.     To feel recognized

True love is the physical feeling you get when you think about how your partner would come, sit close to you, listen to you, hear you, then you’ll fully know you’re truly living the love story. You don’t feel like you need to complain or stress yourself to be heard by your partner. You get to work and create a beautiful structure using provided information. You both enjoy seeing each other.

3.     You feel stable and content

True love feels like stability and security. A lovely merge between these two terms. You don’t stress about breaking up or your partner disappearing just like that. When they are not around, you are unhappy but you understand and you wish the best for them

These are what it feels like to truly be in love. I hope you find the love you desire or your present relationship continues towards this path.