What is art therapy

You have heard about massage therapy, music therapy, marriage therapy, and all the other kinds of therapies, but have you heard about massage therapy? Do you know how it is done? Do you know who needs it? Are you aware of the benefits it has on patients who go through it? Well, most people are just like you if you don’t know these things.

In this article, we will look at the real meaning of art therapy and how it is different from all other types of therapies you have heard about. We will also look at who needs it and how it helps.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is an amazing use of are to aid and improve mental health. This is the simplest explanation you will ever get about it. Art therapy is a  psychotherapeutic technique that involves the use of creativity as regards art for creating a sound mind. 

It may sound bizarre if you have never heard about it, let alone tried it, but for those who are inclined towards art, it is a great way to relieve their minds and bodies of stress and find a place of comfort and peace.

How did art therapy start?

Art therapy is not for everyone. As a matter of fact, you could even get more depressed and frustrated if you are going for art therapy without any kind of love for the discourse. The therapy became recognized in the early 1940s after doctors have found out that some patients responded better to treatments when they are allowed to express themselves through art.

Scientists began to look at the psycho effects of arts on the brain and how it can be used to further better the lives of their patients. It did work, but not for everyone. Only patients who loved art and wanted to express it were able to see improvement in their health.

Who needs art therapy?

Art therapy can be performed on anyone and at any time; however, the rate at which a patient recovers from their mental illness will depend on their interaction with the art before the health challenge. 

People who have psychological disorders and other mental problems, who also love arts are taken through the therapy, and most find it helpful. It can be performed on children, teens, and some adults too.

How is it performed?

Art therapy isn’t as easy as it sounds. The doctor needs to ensure that the patient loves art and not just loving art, but loving a specific branch of arts. Some patients may be more inclined towards drawing, others towards painting, sculpting, and even collage. The doctor helps them to gradually fall in love with the art and gets them to indulge in it when they need to be calm.

What are the benefits of art therapy?

The benefits of art therapy can be likened to the benefits of any other kind of therapy, in that it helps the patient to find peace, comfort, calmness, and happiness with themselves. The benefits may also vary from patient to patient.