The term conversion therapy has become widely popular. But what is its meaning? And what does it entail? Well, simply put, conversion therapy is the process of a trained therapist trying to change the sexuality of a homosexual visit. He tries to do this by series of exercises, both mentally and physically. This therapy is done in the hope to cure the so-called patient of his unwanted sexual desires. But what has been the effect of this conversion therapy on the clients? This practice has been widely frowned upon because its harmful effects outweigh the positive. 

In most cases, this conversion therapy leaves a negative mark on the patient and worsens the situation. This is because most of this session is based on making the patient feel worthless for having such a problem and hating himself before finally helping him explore the natural cause of sexuality. What negative effect has this process had on patients? And why should it be avoided by people trying to correct their sexuality? Let’s find out.



Homosexuals who have been through this route to correct their sexuality never remain the same mentally. Since the session constantly reminds them of their ‘ flaws ‘, they feel uncomfortable in their skin. This in itself causes low self-esteem, making them subjects of bullying. This negative feeling makes it difficult for them to co-exist among regular people until they are converted comfortably. 


The so-called therapist tries to help his patient explore other sexualities, which could lead to further confusion. This could, as a result, increase the level of low self-esteem in the case of the patient. This effect is often the result in children under the age of 12 and is wholly frowned against.


Another adverse effect of conversion therapy is depression. This is often the result of them having no idea how to change his mind, even after the conversation therapist said and done. The failure of the program and rejection from friends and family could also cause this. This could also cause the patients to abuse drugs to help lessen their pain inside. This negative effect alone makes this therapy not worth the stress and should be strictly prohibited. 

  1. DEATH.

As tragic as it sounds, death is also a negative effect of conversion therapy. But this effect can be avoided if other symptoms before this are noticed and addressed. Failure to address this symptom could be catastrophic and lead to the patient taking his one life. The truth is, there is a positive, and more reasonable way to tackle the matter of homosexuality without coming off as opinionated. If you have kids at a young age confused about their sexuality, help them see why being comfortable in their skin makes them better people. And if you find out that your child is homosexual, try and handle the situation in a way that features your love for that child.