What is the Best Way to Combat Stereotypes in the Workplace?

If you are a fan of standup comedy or you often listen to it, you must have heard the comedians on stage stereotyping people. For example, you would have heard some of these comedians making jokes about the following:

  • Irish are so much into drinking
  • English does not have good teeth
  • Asians do not know how to drive
  • The blondes are not smart
  • … And many more.

Stereotyping people may make the audience laugh while performing a comedy act on stage, but they result in segregation among workers. Not only would it cause disorder or disaster in a workplace, but it can still cause loss of employees and sales, difficulty in employing high-level workers, shortage of customers, and also litigation.

Today, it is important that management make sure that there is respect among the employees. They should treat themselves as one, not minding, gender, age, class, or race. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to combat stereotypes in the workplace.

Ways that stereotypes can be combated

You cannot just combat stereotypes in just the blink of an eye, but there are practical steps that can be taken if you want to see your workplace at its best. Below are tips that several companies use to eliminate stereotypes and make their environment as peaceful as the sea:


Provide your managers, supervisors, employees, and everyone in your company with diversity training. There are several videos on the internet that can help you to understand what stereotyping really is, as you will hear from people that have found themselves in such situations and are negatively affected.


You can arrange some meetings that would help the employees and everybody to know each other. Introduce each employee and talk about some things like their career goals, background, and interests.

New Work Groups

Ensure that employees do not just stick and get used to only some particular colleagues. You can do this by reassigning workgroups. With this, each worker will get used to new people and gain new experience.

Positive Reinforcement

Your company’s diversity values should have positive reinforcement. There are various forms of reinforcements that can be provided, such as bonuses and promotions of worthy staff, and also unbiased praise when due.

Be more aware

The whole workers should know how they can be promoting stereotypes through some negative languages, terminologies, and humor. If you are not so sure about them, then you can approach a colleague and ask to know whether or not to use a certain term.


According to the management mentors, formally mentoring everyone can help people who cannot originally come together to get along. So, if you mentor and train the employees, you would be building a stereotype-free environment in the workplace.These are not the only steps that you can take to combat stereotypes. There are more than you can still do. But just ensure that you try as much as possible to combat stereotypes in the workplace. It should not be taken lightly.