What is the Goal of Humanistic Therapy?

First off before this article begins, I would like to define what humanistic therapy is. Let go.

What is Humanistic Therapy?

Humanistic therapy refers to a mental health process that talks about how important one needs to be one true self for them to lead a life that fully fulfills one essence. 

This is based on principles that talk about how we all have great ways of looking at the world. This view impacts our actions and choices. 

Humanistic therapy involves beliefs that are the core of people that are great at heart. These people are truly capable of making great choices for themselves. If as a person you do not hold yourself in very high regard, who would do that for you? It would also be very hard for you to develop your complete potential. 

How does Humanistic Therapy Work?

Humanistic therapy involves understanding the entire view of the world and how one can develop themselves and fully accept who they are. 

This is partially accomplished through the development of positive regard that’s unconditional. Both from one’s self and others. When one believes that other people respect you only if you act in a particular way. It is very simple to call into a trap of feeling every-time that you are not enough. 

Having these feelings of worthlessness is horrible. It can easily impact how you view yourself and the world around you negatively. You need to remember that according to underlying Humanistic principles, how you view yourself and the entire world around you has a great impact on your actions and thoughts. 

This Humanistic therapy could help you develop both self-acceptance and great ways to forget about and overcome criticism or other people disapproving of the things you have to offer. This also creates fine spaces for you to grow and to work properly towards personal growth. 

What do I understand by Humanistic Theory?

Well, first of all, I have very high self-esteem. I don’t joke with myself, I don’t joke with the things I want, I don’t like the way I want to live my life. I do not like endless struggles, endless frustration, endless pain, endless torment. You understand. Like, I cannot deal with all of that. I cannot deal with an environment that is not positive. We all need to be in happy places, we should never be in a toxic place and decide to stay there comfortably. You understand. We need to be, live, breathe in places that the air is fresh. Not just talking about real fresh air, but like come on. There are places that when you just get there, you feel the negative energy, you would know for sure that this place is toxic. When you know who you are and you know yourself and you know what you stand for, I tell you, my dear, you are living life the way it should be lived. You know all the things you want, the things you do not want, and everything.