What is the Hardest Mental Illness to Live With?

They say that your mind is everything you have to make anything out of life. Once your mind is affected by aging or disease, everything else becomes vague. It doesn’t matter anymore how ambitious you are; it doesn’t matter anymore how smart you are; all you want to do is get your mind straight and your body active to enjoy your life like everyone else.

Every mental illness is hard to live with. However, there is one that quenches every other activity in your life, especially your social life. It’s not that way because it’s worse than actual madness. It’s because of how difficult it is to treat. We’re talking, of course, about schizophrenia.

The Dangers of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is considered the worst mental illness to have. It is by far the worst in terms of what it doesn’t to you, how it does it, and how long you have to suffer it. Schizophrenia has no cure. It is a chronic mental disease that patients live with all their lives. This is one of the reasons it’s most dangerous.

Schizophrenic patients have a hard time dealing with and accepting reality. They are withdrawn from social activities, from work, and even their relationships are a mess, because they are often paranoid.

Many people think that schizophrenia means having multiple personalities. That is wrong. Schizophrenia involves a psychosis where a person cannot differentiate between their imagination and reality. They believe that they live in their minds. They can understand what you say, they can see you, they can even respond well in conversations. However, you’ll often see them soliloquizing, and that’s probably because they imagine that they’re having a real conversation with somebody they think is real.

Schizophrenia has no cure. Although efforts have been made towards reaching a final medication of getting rid of it, none has been found yet. For now, schizophrenia can only be managed with drugs that are prescribed by an experienced doctor.

A person with schizophrenia will show some of these signs at the early stages:

●               Temper flares

●               Social withdrawal

●               Poor grades

●               Insomnia

●               Difficulty concentrating

It is crucial to visit a doctor to be sure if the signs you’re experiencing are for schizophrenia or other conditions that may or may not be related to mental illnesses.

It is the best time to check with your doctor to see if you show any signs related to any mental illness. Some mental illnesses can be cured with the proper medication, which is why you must, at all times, be aware of your mind.

Mental health awareness is considered the most vital part of life. Being mindful of your mind’s health can save you a lot of trouble, especially when you consider the fact that it could be life-threatening or lifelong. Taking nutritious supplements for mental health is sometimes helpful. Try Liposomal NeuroCalm by Designs for Health or similar products.