What is Transcendental Meditation?

Do you want to feel relaxed? Calm and filled with peace? Then you need to start practicing Transcendental Meditation. But what is Transcendental Meditation in the first place? Let’s find out, shall we? 

Transcendental Meditation refers to a technique that helps us avoid distracting thoughts. This way we get to remain in a state of relaxed awareness. This helps the human mind and the human body to remain relaxed completely and utterly. 

What to do when you want to Practice Transcendental Meditation

You simply get in your meditation position and then you get to sit in a great position with your eyes closed. As you do all of this, you patiently and silently recite a mantra over and over again. Using a word from the Vedic tradition which is essential to your meditation. This would help you remain focused all through the period of your Transcendental Meditation.

Different supporters of Transcendental Meditation have stated that when they are meditating, they simply sit and think of the word transcending. And this is how the meditation process feels like. It feels like they are not who they normally supposed to be. They are fully and utterly conscious. Here the person meditating feels a complete absence of boundaries to their mental state and they are stable, in order, and still.

Regularly meditating like this can help reduce anxiety, pain, use of health care services, cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

Meditation both Transcendental Meditation and all other types helps the life quality of anyone. Experts have stated and agreed that these meditation techniques shouldn’t be used only when someone has a horrible health condition 

How to Practice Transcendental Meditation

Unlike all other forms of meditation, this has about seven steps that are necessary before you can proudly state that you have performed this meditation type. A Transcendental Meditation teacher is needed to tell you all you need to know. If you want to learn how to meditate using the Transcendental Meditation techniques, then you need to be patient and watch a ten to fifteen-minute interview. There’s also a two hours period where you’ll personally learn instructions which are necessary for you to practice all of this. Then you’ll enjoy a ceremony when you would be given your very own mantra. You are supposed to keep this personal mantra of yours to yourself and yourself alone. 

You need to come in for the next three days and correct yourself from all your rehearsal mistakes and stay for about two hours learning some more instructions. Here your teacher would explain the practice in more detail, give you all the corrections you might need, give you all the information about what you get to enjoy when you practice this regularly. Over the next few months, your teacher would talk with other practitioners to make sure you are using the necessary Transcendental Meditation technique.

You can practice this Transcendental Meditation two times a day for fifteen to twenty minutes. Before they have breakfast and after dinner.