What is Trauma Bonding in Romantic Relationships?

Today I’ll be talking about Trauma Bonding. I’ll be talking about what it is on its own and what it is in romantic relationships.

Trauma Bonding Definition

Trauma Bonding can be defined as a response psychologically to abuse. This happens when someone who is abused creates a bond that is not healthy with the person that abuses them. 

The person that is suffering through this abuse could develop sympathy for the one that’s abusing them. This becomes reinforced by more cycles of abuse. This is then followed by them being remorseful. Stockholm syndrome is a specific type of trauma Bonding. 

Trauma Bonding in Romantic Relationships 

In romantic relationships, two people could be dating. They could profess love to each other and be in a trauma bond. A trauma bond, in this case, occurs when one of these two people starts abusing the other. The abuse could be in several different ways. The case I’ll be explaining in this article is the type of trauma bond when after two people have claimed to love each other, one of them is always having a sexual attraction to other people. Though this sexual attraction is merely physical with a touch of emotion, the other member of this romantic relationship does not tolerate this in any way.

Let’s name the parties of this trauma romantic bond, shall we? The first party is Harry, while the second party is Jessica. See, Harry finds other girls sexually attractive but has chosen to be and remain in love with Jessica. He has no plan to do anything sexual with those other girls. Jessica, on the other hand, does not want Harry to have any feelings whatsoever with any other. Jessica doesn’t even want Harry even to make friends. And Harry is Handsome, Special, Lovely and so Cute. This always makes the both of them have a lot of issues. They break up and make up so many times, and the prime reason for all of this is because of this trauma romantic bond. Jessica is so jealous and doesn’t want anyone to play by her rules. Harry wants things to be fair. No more, no less. Harry also loves freedom. He wants a freeing, loving relationship. 

What is the Trauma Bond in the Romantic Relationship Above 

All through the ups and downs of the relationship, whenever they broke up and Jessica was in any form of trouble, she would have no one to comfort her, but Harry was always there. So at several points, even though Harry was the one that caused the issues or the breakup, he was always there to comfort Jessica when she needed a shoulder to cry on. And that’s where the traumatic Bonding comes in. Do you get it?

Typically after you break up with someone, you’re supposed to move on and be COMPLETELY DONE with your former partner. That’s what Harry has decided from now on. Can’t he be cleaning the injuries from someone forever now, can he?