What to Talk About in Therapy as a Couple

Couples need Therapy for a variety of reasons. This piece would talk about the things you need to talk about while in treatment.

List of things Couples should converse about when in Therapy

  1. Your feelings

Conversing about your feelings with your therapist is extremely important. You need to know that your partner cannot handle every single thing that is happening to you. When you know and understand this, you will be fine. 

  1. What is going wrong in the relationship

If anything, like anything of sorts going wrong in the relationship, it would be best to converse and talk about it. This way, things flow, and items become better over time. Do you understand? 

  1. Your Insecurities 

What are you insecure about? Is there a part of your partner that you are not comfortable with? Does he have a serious best friend of the opposite gender that you are not pleased with their relationship and want them to call it off? Whatever this is, you can talk about it in Therapy. 

  1. Your Fears 

What scares you? What are you afraid of? What do you need to tell your partner? Does your partner scare you? Does he drink? Does she go out and come home late at night. You can talk about everything that scares you when you are in Therapy. 

  1. How you communicate with each other

How’s your communication with your partner. Is it lively, is it free, can you talk about anything and everything? Do they keep secrets from you? You need to understand that secrets are not all of theirs to keep or to tell with secrets. You understand. These are the reasons why you need to know that it might seem your partner is hiding something from you. But it is not his to tell. But a time might come that you might not be able to help yourself. And you could leave the relationship. 

  1. Do you trust your partner?

When in Therapy, you can talk about the fact that you do not trust your partner or if you trust them a hundred percent.

My thoughts on What to Talk About in Therapy as a Couple

At the beginning of this year, I had a relationship that I wish I had the chance to talk to a therapist with my former partner. The relationship ended on nasty notes, to be honest. Let me talk a little about it before I run out of time. So in the relationship, yeah, I was highly insecure because, on a good day, I am a jealous lover. But it felt like my person was falling for someone else right in my presence. It was indeed a horrible feeling. I cannot deny it. I went through a lot of pain, and it was not easy. If I were with a therapist, I would have laid my heart down to the ground, and I feel the relationship would have survived. But I am grateful for it all. I am growing and getting better by the day.