Why Do Men and Women Handle Stress Differently?

 Men and women react to stress differently, they both also handle physical and mental stress in different ways. For example, when comparing women and men in a survey 28 percent of women reported having to deal with a great amount of stress compared to 20 percent of men. Also, 49 percent of women surveyed reported that their stress had increased over the period of five years compared to 39 percent of men.

Another difference is in where men and women place the importance and how they try to achieve it. For example, women are more likely to agree that having a good relationship with their families is more important to them, the number stands at 84 percent for women and 74 percent for men. But lesser women have admitted to succeeding in this area than men, with the number being 67 percent for women and 53 percent for men.

75 percent of women rate sleep as being very important, while 58 percent of men say it’s important. Though a higher number of women rate sleep as being higher lesser numbers of them actually admit that they are getting enough put the number at 49 percent.

How do women and men handle stress?

Research has shown that men and women tend to handle stress in ways that are more nurturing and expressive. The majority of women have stated that after they have had a stressful day they prefer to sit down and cry it out. On the other hand, men tend to be suppressive by pushing it inwards and letting the situation pass. One other way used by both men and women to help reduce stress is the use of supplements made to reduce stress. One major reason why women and men handle stress differently I because of their hormones.


The main hormone causing most of the differences in the way men and women? handle stress is oxytocin. Under stress hormones called epinephrine and cortisol raise the person’s blood pressure, circulating blood sugar and alone cortisol lowers the immune system’s effectiveness.

In women, oxytocin comes into action when epinephrine and cortisol pass through the bloodstream under stress. Released from the brain oxytocin counters the production of epinephrine and cortisol which promotes relaxing and nurturing emotions. In men, the brain releases a little amount of oxytocin into the bloodstream leaving men to deal with the increased blood pressure at a higher rate than women.

In women, this tends to make them befriend and attend to other people. This means when oxytocin is released they will befriend and show nurturing qualities by tending to other people’s needs. In men, the little oxytocin release leaves them to either suppress their emotions or fight back, which is known as Fight or Flight.In conclusion, the biggest reason why different sexes react to stress differently is that. While women tend to let the happiness of the people around them determine their happiness while men let competition set the guage of their stress and happiness.