Why It Should be Called Physical Distancing and Not Social Distancing

(i.e. How we can still stay connected and be social online during the pandemic)

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been introduced to many new things, concepts, and ideals that were previously unfamiliar. Amongst these is the idea of “social distancing” – an idea that originated when the pandemic started.

Social distancing is understood to mean being distant from people physically to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and avoiding crowded places and physical social gatherings. The crux of this idea is “physical distancing” and not “social distancing,” which is why several experts, including the World Health Organization, agree with using the term “physical distancing” over the already popular “social distancing” term.

More on the Pandemic

It seems the entire world, save from a few exceptions, has accepted the term “social distancing” whenever the topic of how to prevent the spread of coronavirus is raised. Experts are however concerned that the use of that term is inappropriate and could mislead people and in effect have a negative impact during this pandemic. Even the World Health Organization has adjusted and started using the term “physical distancing,” which is the more appropriate and informed term to use.

The world is being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is important to strengthen social bonds even though physical distancing is advised. Connecting socially is a necessary in trying times like these; it has several advantages, such as:

·       Passing vital information that could help communities and loved ones.

·       Providing assistance to the needy in our social circle, which could go a long way to reduce the number of deaths during this pandemic.

·       Providing mental and emotional support for recovery long after the pandemic.

Social cohesion does not necessarily require physical presence and in-person meetings, especially in this technologically advanced era. As stated by the World Health Organisation “it is important that people stay socially connected through this trying time”.

From all indications the COVID-19 pandemic is going to remain at least for the next couple of months, and it is absolutely necessary to maintain the feeling of connectedness even if it is not physical.

How to Stay Connected and be Social during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The use of technology for communication and connecting has become more important now than at any time in recent history. Sign up on sites that can keep you updated on the pandemic.

Also use your already existing social media accounts to reach out to people. If you don’t have any social media accounts, now is the right time to sign up, get connected and engage socially. Don’t let the term “social distancing” fool you into thinking otherwise.

Also use video chat programs online, such as Zoom or GoToMeeting to virtually spend time with friend, family, and co-workers.

Now that you are better informed it is time to get socially connected and updated. Don’t forget the importance of “physical distancing” in this fight against COVID-19.